Facial expression

Facial expression and laterality
Assessment, Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Facial Expression 1

This three-day course elucidates the function of the most important basic emotions and left/right facial recognition out of our daily life.

  • Consequences of a dysfunction will be obvious in examples and elucidated in external evidence.
  • Different test procedures will be introduced and exercised.
  • Systematic facial emotions- and laterality training will be presented by the EMORECO program, as well as the face-mirroring software
  • Techniques and treatment strategies will be explained and exercised.
  • Patient target groups are:
    • Chronic pain patients
    • Orofacial dysfunctions after facial trauma
    • Temporomandibular facial pain
    • Support of (postoperative) (skeletal) facial asymmetry
    • Neurological patients, e.g. Facial paresis, M. Parkinson
    • Speech and swallowing dysfunctions
    • Alexithymia (Problems in recognition of words and emotions)
    • Kinesophobia and Dismorphobia (Perception disorder of the own body)

Target group: Physio-, Occupational therapists/ Speech- and Language Therapists und Psychologists