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Workgroup Speech and Language Therapists at CRAFTA®

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The CRAFTA®-Team is very content to watch the continually rising numbers of speech and language therapists (SALT) who participate in the CRAFTA® courses! Already several achieved the CRAFTA® certificate. This allows an even more detailed and intensive interdisciplinary exchange which results in the best possible care for our patients.

In order to be able to answer specific questions out of the area of speech and language therapy a SALT work group was found.

Past and current activities:

-    Optimizing the lecture notes for SAL therapists
-    Providing recommendations for SALTs for an optimal preparation for the basic course (LINK)

Planned future activities

-    Special courses for SALTs
-    Special courses held by SALTs for physical-/manual therapists and interested parties

If you have specific SALT questions, please contact us under @. We are happy to help you.

Members of our SALT work group:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft 150Name des zertifizierten CRAFTA®-Therapeuten Ort Tel E-Mail / WWW
Silke Roddewig 100Silke Roddewig
Therapie Im Neuen Mohnhof - Hinterm Grauben 37, 21026 Hamburg
Hamburg +49 40 416266313 @