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  1. At what point can I be listed on the CRAFTA®-list of certified therapists?

    As soon as you received your CRAFTA-certificate, you can register at the CRAFTA® website and get listed as certified therapist.

  2. Is the exam mandatory?

    No. After each course you receive a written course confirmation, however not a certificate. The latter you only receive after the passed exam.

  3. What are the contents of the exam?/ What do I have to learn for the exam?

    On the CRAFTA® website you find under “Courses” Examination and preparation an overview over the topics, which are relevant fort the exam. During advanced level courses the teacher will explain in detail the procedure of the exam. Further, the key aspects, which should be focused on, will be mentioned.

  4. At which locations can I enroll for the exam?

    Generally, the exams can be taken at the followoing locations: FiHH- Fortbildung in Hamburg (Germany), Fortbildungszentrum Klagenfurt (Austria), Nexius Gennep (The Netherlands)

  5. Why is there a charge for the CRAFTA®- patient information flyers?

    CRAFTA® designs the flyers and pays for the printing costs. You only pay for these expenses. CRAFTA® does not gain any profit out of the flyer distribution.

  6. Why can’t I order the patient information flyers while i am still participating in the courses (and haven’t passed the exam)?

    Only when you finished the entire education, the expectations of patients, which are raised through the text in the flyer, may be fulfilled.

  7. What future projects is CRAFTA® currently planning?

    CRAFTA® consists of three branches: Education, Research Group and congress organization team. Each branch actively plans new projects and activities.

  8. What is meant by „accreditation“?

    For the reason of quality assurance a certified CRAFTA® therapist have to stay up to date concerning current research results and management strategies. Therefore, in order to keep the certification valid, the therapist as to collect 100 accreditation credits in a term of 5 years. The credits can be collected in 2 categories: directly or indirectly connected to the head-/neck-/fare region. Examples for the direct category: CRAFTA®-congress, lectures on TMJ, study groups Examples for the indirect category: courses in pain management, courses in communication strategies. The number of credits, which can be received through a course or other activities, are assigned by the education committee.

  9. Where do receive further information on the accreditation credits?

    You will find many answers on the CRAFTA® website. For all further questions please contact us through our contact page or @

  10. How do I know my current accreditation credit status?

    The certified CRAFTA® therapists are asked by the end of every year (normally in December) to send the course-/congress- certificates which they collected during the year to our office. Please hand in the certificates in a digital form (e.g. pdf’s). At the beginning of the following year (January or February) you will receive an overview over your current credit status.

  11. What happens when I did not collect 100 accreditation credits during the last 5 years?

    At least six months before the end of the 5 year term you receive a message, in case you have not collected enough credits until this point. The education committee will be informed about and the certified therapist will be asked for a statement, why the credits have not been achieved. The education committee may extend the term for the maximum of one year. In case the therapist does not manage to collect the necessary credits in this time frame, s/he will be removed from the list of certified CRAFTA® therapists.

  12. How and when do I receive the CRAFTA® certificate?

    You receive the certificate once you passed the exam. You can only enroll for the exam, when you completed all modules (CRAFTA® 1-3, advanced courses 1 and 2, headache in children, cervical spine and the occular course). Help for the exam preparations can be found on our website following Courses exam.

  13. What are the advantages of the certification?

    On a regular basis professional organizations, especially those in the field of dentistry are informed about the certified CRAFTA® therapists. Further, the therapists list on the website is regularly updated and certified therapists can easily be found. Certified CRAFTA®-therapists are specialized health professions. A specialization of this kind, allows the therapist to adjust the treatment fees.

  14. Where do I find more information on the study groups?

    Please visit our website Under “Courses” you will find the “Study groups” button with further information.

  15. Is the attendance of the CRAFTA®-congress every two uptill three years mandatory?

    No. However, it is especially arranged for CRAFTA®-therapists, who are currently enrolled in the CRAFTA® education and also for certified therapists. During the two congress days you will received a lot of specific information as well as the opportunity for interdisciplinary communication. You can meet and get into contact with other health professions working in the field of neck-/ head- and face pain. Important: For the CRAFTA® congress you receive 30 accreditation credits! More information you find on our website.

  16. How do I get the contact details for course centers, which are not stated on the website?

    All course centers and their contact details can be found on the CRAFTA®-website (under Courses and dates). You can also contact CRAFTA® under the following phone number 0049-(0)40 - 254 13 38 60. Normally, course dates are announced one year ahead and can be found on the CRAFTA®-website.


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