Praktikum - Clinical Days

PraktikumClinical Days (Praktikum)
In this course the clinical reasoning and it’s practical use in patient treatment will have priority. In three days the participants treat patients under supervision of the teaching staff.
Clinical patterns will be deepened; the central theme in assessment and treatment strategies in each patient will be discussed. Additionally techniques will be exercised again and the knowledge out of the modules will be integrated.

Theory and practice:

  • Deepening of the Clinical reasoning
  • Knowing and learning of clinical patterns – temporomandibular
  • Neuromusculoskeletal test tests for differentiation of different sources and symptoms
  • Repetition of techniques and palpation
  • Clinical exchange of experiences and discussion
  • Presentation of a patient case in front of the group
  • Treatment and patient management short and long term
  • Creating a patient orientated home program
  • Update, questions

Advanced course „Week 1“  and at least one more CRAFTA®-Module:
Craniocervical-Course,  KOKI-Course, Cervicoocular-Course


This Course ..

  • Is approved as practical course, the participant receives points, which are obligatory for certification.
  • Is also for certified CRAFTA®-Therapists open, there will be offered X creditpoints